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PRODUCTS / BLAST BOOTHS & EQUIPMENT / ecoBlast Industrial Dust Collectors for Sale

The DCM 3,000 to 50,000 model line (3,000 to 50,000 cfm) of cartridge type industrial dust collectors offer extremely efficient and economical systems due to the continuous venturi assisted reverse pulse cleaning system. The system allows on-line cleaning, without significant loading thus maintaining constant Internal static pressure levels. They're specially designed for blastrooms, and that whatever the treatment capacity of these dust extraction units.

The meaning of "modular design" is that you can mount multiple units together depending on the extraction demands of the process.

Selection Criteria of a Cartridge Collector

  1. Type of dust
  2. Dust concentrations
  3. Process conditions include:
  •   Temperature;
  •   Humidity;
  •   Corrosive Agents;
  •   Dewpoint.

        4. Physical constraints
        5. Static pressure rating of the ductwork

Fast, Simple and Safe Cartridge Replacement

The entire replacement of a set of cartridges is done from outside the dust collector and requires no tools. The worker is therefore not exposed to the dust.

Economical Buy

The selection of a cartridge is a very economical choice because it requires a minimum of maintenance. This maintenance is limited to an annual replacement of cartridges (depending on the application), providing long term profitability. Thanks to the high efficiency of the filtering media, it's possible to filter a larger air volume with a smaller filtering surface. This allows us to manufacture smaller collectors.

These dust extraction units operate with low pressure drops - between 1’’ and 3’’ of water column. These values can be maintained by periodic cleaning that is controlled by a standard adjustable timer.

CSA Approved and Made in Canada. 

Markets We Serve

  • General manufacturing
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Petroleum
  • Power & energy
  • Pharmaceutical


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