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There are many heaters (air make-up units) available for spray booths. Only one heater took the current thinking about gas fired heaters and took it to square one thinking, asking what is actually required by the codes and even asking what is the reasoning behind the codes.

The result is the Rammstein Air Heater specifically designed for spray booths. By not accepting conventional wisdom, the creators of the Rammstein Air Heater have come up with what is possibly the most efficient heater on the market today.

The reason is simple.  There are many different processes that take place inside a spray booth.  Each of these processes has specific air flow rate requirements.  Sometimes the booth needs a high air flow rate and sometimes the booth needs very low air flow rate.  The traditional constant air flow rate heaters poorly approximate the air flow requirements of finishing processes.  This results in a lot of wasted energy.

The Rammstein Air heater is a true variable air flow rate heater that perfectly matches the air flow rate requirement of each process inside the spray booth.  This result is significantly reduced operating costs.  THIS HEATER WILL PAY FOR ITSELF!

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