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As the name suggests, auto body prep stations are used to prepare products for painting. This allows the product to be sanded (preventing dust from spreading to the rest of the shop) and, with the right configuration, some limited painting without tying up your spray paint booth.

Configurations are available in:

Automotive prep stations would normally have curtained walls, while a Closed-Top/Open-Face (CTOF) prep station would have 3 solid walls with a curtained front. A CTOF allows unlimited painting if designed for spray mode as well as curing. A basic prep station could be designed for sanding only, recirculating the air through filters for high efficiency dust removal.

An air make-up unit can be added for heat and cure if desired.

See the Smart Prep page for a clever design that incorporates the mechanicals (Air Make-Up and exhaust) and a mix room into a smart, efficient package that's well priced!

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