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PRODUCTS / SPRAYTECH (Available in BC only) / Spraytech QADS Drying System for Waterborne Paints
The QADs System creates a “convection oven” atmosphere, equalizing the temperature throughout the entire booth, providing consistent metal temperatures for an optimal waterborne refinish environment.  QADs feature the patented Intake Plenum Air Acquisition System, providing heated filtered air that ensures clean air during the paint drying process.  The QADs System interfaces with the bake cycle of the existing air make up unit to create more air turbulence, leading to shortened cycle times in both flash and bake.  Tremendous fuel and energy savings are attained.

QADs™ is the only auxiliary air movement system that draws air from the spray booth plenum and ‘QADs™ Automatic’ and ‘QADs on Bake’ models have doors that operate automatically on the blower towers, which are closed during the spray cycle to protect the blower nozzles from overspray. These patented technologies prevent dirt or overspray from being blown on the waterborne basecoat during the flash off cycle or the clear on the bake cycle!

Save time, energy and money on paint drying and curing, process more vehicles and generate more revenue.


  • Clean Air Operation
  • Adjustable Nozzles Covers Whole Vehicle
  • Pneumatic Door Opener
  • Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Finish

Available Models:

  • QADs with Static Neutralization – Neutralizes electric static charge prior to painting and reduces it through spray, flash off and bake
  • QADs on Bake – with pneumatic tower door operation, elevated temperature control during flash off and engages the unit during the bake cycle
  • QADs Automatic
  • QADs Manual
  • QADs Cross Flow


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SPRAYTECH (Available in BC only)