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Unpressurized Cross Flow Booths

Considered an entry level booth, the unpressurized (i.e. no heater / air make-up unit) a cross draft paint booth in its simplest form brings in air through filters in the front of the booth (typically through the product doors) and exhausts through the rear of the booth. The exhaust configuration in the rear can either be a filtered center plenum or filtered towers in the rear corners. The tower exhaust configuration allows the addition of another set of product doors making the booth "drive-through".

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Pressurized Cross Flow Booths

To pressurize (i.e. add a heater / air make-up unit) a cross draft booth can be reconfigured in two different ways.

  1. Air from an air make-up unit can be ducted to a set of filtered input towers on either side of the front product doors. From there it flows to the rear of the booth to either a filtered center exhaust plenum, or filtered tower exhaust plenums.
  2. Instead of air flowing from front to back, the air flows from a filtered back wall (or towers for drive-through to the front tower exhaust plenums. The heater is ducted to a plenum behind the back wall. 
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